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5 Reason Air Conditioning is Becoming so Popular

Seems a little strange I know, but really, air conditioning has seem a huge surge in it’s usage over the past 10 years and this trend is still on the rise.

Why is this? Isn’t air conditioning, expensive to run, noisy, ugly and it drys your throat out and seems to amplify coughs and colds in the work place?

This definitely has an element of truth to it. Air Conditioning was all of those things and more, we forgot ugly and too cold.

Air Conditioning Benefits

So to avoid the air conditioning manufacturers falling our of existence, a lot of work and technology has been put into this sector and the results are astounding. Here are some of the reason air conditioning has become so popular.

1. Cost. Not just the cost associated to get the systems installed which has without doubt plummeted, but the biggest advantage is the cost to run the systems. Air Conditioning in many cases is the only solution to any excess heat problem which an office or even domestic environment has. And the running cost for the systems over the past 10 years has been reduced in some cases by 90%.

2. Heating. That’s right. Heating from and air conditioning unit, also known as “heat pumps” is now the primary reason for air conditioning being installed in the UK. Heat produced from a new efficient air conditioning unit is in a class of it’s own producing 3-6 times the amount of heat as an equivalent electric heater. Again more “bang for your buck”. Not only is the heating so efficient, but also the room to be heated will be very comfortable in only a few minutes.

3. Control. Having the ability to control a system which heats and cools seems, at first glance quite normal and not much of a great benefit. But as an example of how important and beneficial “Control” is. How often at home do you find the heating a little too hot in one room and too cold in another. Waking up in the middle of the night as the bedroom is sweltering as the heating is still on. This is where air conditioning, also known as “Climate Control” really steps up to the mark. Having degree sensitive control over each room or office, heated or cooled exactly to your liking. Once you air con unit is set up, you can simply enjoy comfort all year round.

4. Looks. This is the are we all know so well, horrible big, yellow looking units which precariously hang of the wall or in the ceiling. You know the ones! Maybe not. modern day air conditioning units are now built to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but becoming a feature. Air Conditioning units which look like photo frames and you can fit your favorite piece of art in. Stainless look which is striking in a minimalistic setting and even invisible. Built within walls and ceiling spaces. The look of air conditioning units now is something which adds to the other fantastic reasons why this industry just keeps on growing.

5. Safety. O.k it won’t tell you if your house gets burgled or your office block ransacked, but it will allow you to keep your building fully locked up all year round. Windows and doors being “put on the catch” during hot spells and even just to get some air in the winter is one of the biggest reason opportunistic thieves strike so easily. Not only can you keep all possible openings closed, but you will find that unwanted smells or road fumes from outside completely gone. Having a building free from unnecessary openings only has positive impacts, whether at home or for your business.

The list could go on, and with the level of technology still rising Air Conditioning will be in every building before long. What are some of the other benefits air conditioning brings? Fill out a reply below and share the air con positivity.

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