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5 Reasons Why People Choose 365 As Their Air Conditioning Company

The popularity of air conditioning has been on the increase for the past 15 years or more and that trend is set to continue. With the increase in demand, the increase of companies offering air conditioning services has also increased.

So who do you choose and why?

The 5 most important reasons people choose Service Group 365 and prices only #4!

  • Firstly, and the one which makes the most sense is “quality”! We have all heard of the term the “quality speaks for its self” and everything we do is based around quality. Not only do we guarantee the quality ou receive from us but we back that up with a 5 year installation guarantee and an industry leading 3 years parts and labour warranty on selected installations.
  • Service Group 365 has been built on a “maintenance” background with installations added due to the demand from our clients and word of mouth. One of the reasons this is such an advantage to you is because we will always offer you the air conditioning service and air conditioning maintenance for your equipment. Adding longevity, reducing running costs and lowering the chance of any breakdowns.
  • Wide range of air conditioning manufacturers to choose from because we are not directly affiliated to any one specific manufacturer. Your air conditioning will always be selected to suit you and your requirements and not for us to gain “brownie points” from a supplier. Our only advise would be in all cases is that we are usually able to offer the best warranties on the most popular air conditioning brands.
  • #4 Price Promise! That’s right! We not only offer you the very best and guaranteed quality, along with long term maintenance and service support and the biggest selection of manufacturers, but we also guarantee our prices too!!! See Our Price Promise.
  • Fully qualified, trained and experienced engineers! This may seems like a bit of a no brainer right? The person who changes your cars tyres is undoubtedly a “fully qualified tyre and exhaust fitter”. The most basic qualifications just aren’t enough. In the air conditioning industry “qualifications really don’t tell the whole story. It’s the experience of an engineer that sets them apart. All of our engineers are qualified and experienced in all aspects of air conditioning. This means that the skills taken while carrying out a maintenance and a service are then applied to the installation and visa versa. Have you ever been told by a “skilled person while they are trying to make a repair that the item has been installed incorrectly? This is the case for many things like boilers computers and even cars. The makers don’t give any consideration to the service and maintenance aspects. It’s our diversity which sets us apart!

We have our head office in Milton Keynes and most of our work is air conditoning london.

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