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5 Things Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Should Be Doing

What used to be a luxury has now become a necessity for homes and businesses alike. Air Conditioning is no longer just for the wealthy and extravagant. Now having an air condtioning installation is for everyone. For example, it’s only in the past 10 year that nearly all car manufacturers have been installing air conditioning, the same now goes for building owners, occupiers and tenants.

If you have air conditioning installed you need to ensure you have a good air conditioning maintenance contract in place to ensures its reliability and longevity.

Remember, not all air conditioning companies are alike. This is what you need from your maintenance company.

  • A clear plan and maintenance schedule.
  • A leak test and certificate after every visit for F Gas compliance.
  • A good clean! This means a condenser clean, evaporator clean and filter clean. A superficial clean is also beneficial aesthetically!
  • Electrical connections must be tested and tightened at every visit.
  • Operational checks and tests. A good rule of thumb is that the fan coils air off temperature is at least 10C lower that the air on temperature and the exact opposite when the systems is in heating.

Be very wary of the “tick list” maintenance companies. They are all too common and to you, the end user they are not very helpful.

A good thing to do before the maintenance is done is show an interest. This can be fake for this purpose but I can guarantee its affects. When the engineers arrive tell them you will be going around with them for the next hour and ask what they actually do! This will ensure you get exactly what you pay for. You have heard the stories about car companies topping up washer fluid and tightening the hand brake and then charging for a full service! Thankfully you can ask and watch! This will avoid the sneakers! Alternatively Call Service Group 365 to do the maintenance properly the first time and every time.

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