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5 Ways to Choose your Air Conditioning Installer

This time of year keeping cool is an absolute must. You’re not getting any sleep at night as your bedroom is too hot, and isn’t horrible to think the only recovery time is while you’re sat in your lovely air conditioned car. And taking a Long cut to work is usually not an option as you’re always just on time anyway. So if you are looking to get air conditioning installed, these are some good tips when choosing the right air conditioning installer.

  1. Make sure the company you choose, does air conditioning as there main part of their business. There are a number of companies that carry out electrical and building work who jump on the air conditioning bandwagon during the warmer months, anything to make some more money. Bear in mind that air conditioning is highly skilled and unlike a kitchen or and electrical installation, air conditioning requires maintenance and should you even need it, offer a breakdown service.
  2. Choose a company who offers you a range of manufacturers. Just like car air conditioning has a number of different manufacturers and have a selection is very important to suit your specific requirements, budget, look, longevity, extended warranties etc. Some air conditioning companies are affiliated to a certain manufacturer and therefore they will only offer you those products.
  3. You get what you pay for! How many times have you heard that before? Well this is not always the case with air conditioning. A high price does not always mean a high quality. The best way to gauge the level of quality is to ask for some testimonials and people you can call to discuss with them.
  4. Local! By the word local you should always look to find an air conditioning installers that is within 70 miles of your building, this way maintenance and if needed any breakdown is covered in a timely response. If you are looking for air conditioning London for example it is advisable to find a company just in the home counties as they will usually be more cost effective and not carry the unwanted London price tag.
  5. There are so many options available when having air conditioning installed, such as finish, decorative trunking, position and location of units so it is advisable to create a specification of what you are looking for out of an air conditioning contractor before you ask for a quotation, at least that way every air conditioning company will be quoting on an apples for apples basis.

Most importantly, look forward to a more relaxing and comfortable life, at home or at work.

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