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A Cool Steal

Thieves are removing large air conditioning systems for aluminum and copper that can be sold for scrap, police said. The most current occurred at the Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans organisation.

Police in Bristol Township said they continue to search for scrapping thieves who stole an air conditioning and heating system from a government building used by a local Vietnam Veterans group.

Two years ago, Bristol Township purchased an air conditioning and heating system for the Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans organization headquartered at Coates and Woods avenues.

The unit was reported stolen on April 22 to the shock of local veterans.

“It’s just mind boggling that someone would steal from a nonprofit group,” said Jesse Hill of the DV3. “It must have taken a fork lift to pick up that air conditioner.”

It really goes to show the lengths these people will go to and with no regard to the people they are affecting.

Still, police Chief James McAndrew isn’t surprised by the incident, as these sorts of crimes are easy to get cash quickly.

Thieves often target air conditioning and heating systems for aluminum and copper that can be sold as scrap metal. There have been a number of such thefts in the area in recent weeks, McAndrew said.

Copper prices have more than tripled in the last 20 years. A metric ton was valued at $2,230 in 1980 by the U.S. Geological Survey. Copper was trading at $7,650 per metric ton this week on the London Metal Exchange.

The price of aluminum has nearly doubled in 20 years, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

So beware your little air con unit may need some protection, after all it can’t protect itself.

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