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A Service Function With Daikin That Really Helps Diagnose an Air Conditioning Fault

Finding a fault with an air conditioning unit is sometimes a lengthy process. Thankfully though, some manufacturers have allowed  its end users to access certain parameters within their controls to allow a more simple diagnosis.

This level of access is normally available only to trained engineers however the information it gives is absolutely invaluable, and in so many cases even trained engineers do not realise how to access this information.  Therefore I have created this short video along with a brief description to explain how this is possible.

This function allows  the end-user to read the exact temperatures that are showing on the individual thermistors within the system.  (please note: this information on these controllers is only available on VRV and sky air models using the BRC 1D controller.

  • While the unit is operational. press and hold the test button for five seconds.
  • Number 10 will show
  • Press and hold the test button again for a further five seconds until that number changes to either 20, 30 or 40
  • Press the temperature up button once so that it shows either 21, 31 or 41
  • Now you can press the time up and down buttons  which will cycle the readings of the individual thermistors.
  • 00 is the thermistor temperature at the controller
  • 01 is the thermistor temperature in the return air of the unit
  • 02 is the thermistor temperature in the coil in of the unit
  • 03 is the thermistor temperature in the coil out of the unit


This simple little operation will quickly tell a reputable engineer how the system is running, and how efficiently is doing so.


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