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Air Conditioning All Year Round.

After seeing the new year in, spring seems that little bit closer, the end is near. However we still have about 3 months of short wintery days and long freezing nights, which can take its toll when it comes to keeping warm and comfortable.  

There is a cost effective option to keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you haven’t guest already, this option is air conditioning. As one of the cheapest form of heating, it is easy to see why. With new inverter technology being absorbed into the new modern sleek air conditioning units, you can expect almost four times the amount of kw heating out of one single kw of power.

The carbon trust have realised how cost effective and efficient air conditioning is and added it to ECA list. This means there are tax benefits for everyone to take advantage of, from 5% VAT on all domestic air conditioning installations to 100% taxed deductable for all commercial air conditioning installations.

Taking these tax benefits into account and the fact air conditioning is one of the cheapest form of heating there is now reason to be cold this winter and cool in the coming summer months.

Air conditioning is the all year round solution when it comes to the perfect climate for all to enjoy, with the added bonus of saving money.

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