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Air Conditioning Been around longer than you might expect

When we discuss air conditioning it has a certain idea linked to it that it’s a new invention. After all, air conditioning in cars has only been around for 20 years or so and in office and buildings perhaps 50-60 years.

But when was the very first idea put into practice, cooling a room to a more comfortable level? This may surprise you. The first records of people actively cooling a room was in Ancient Rome as early as 10th century BC. They used to spray the walls of their room with water as they understood that the simple evaporation of water would reduce the rooms temperature.

However air conditioning as we know it, using the same concepts was not introduced until 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier and the name Carrier within the air conditioning sector is still going strong today.

As technology increased so did the types and efficiency of air conditioning systems to what we know today. However in some cases still air conditioning has a little bit of a bad name, and it certainly has some myths surrounding it. “Air Conditioning is Expensive to run” In fact air conditioning is now one of the most cost effective types of heating (That’s not a typo, i did say heating!) “It’s ugly and noisy” Just like cars, air conditioning has made its biggest advancement in technology within the past 10-15 year. And just like the cars which were, noisy, smelly, expensive and unreliable, the level in which mechanical technologies has taken place is quite staggering to say the least.

Now we have air conditioning on which we can rely, quite, efficient and discreet. Air Conditioning really has come a long way.

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