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Air conditioning checks.

If your air conditioning system isn’t working, prepare to wait a few days to get it fixed.  Local companies say they are fully booked this time of year.  Follow these simple steps get yourself cool again this summer.

Air Filter – You are supposed to replace/clean your air filter once a month.  A dirty filter can block air flow and cause other problems.  Patrick Dye, a technician with Comfort Systems, says about a fourth of his repair calls are problems caused by dirty filters.

Electrical panel – Be sure to check your breaker box to make sure the breaker isn’t tripped.  Sometimes turning on your air conditioner for the first time in the season can trip it.

Clean It – You can clear the condenser from any cutton or debris caught in it (take good care and be gental). 

Dye says having an air conditioning contractor carry out regular air conditioning maintenance checks is very important.  If there’s a problem, you can usually get it fixed sooner than if you discover the problem during a busy time of year.

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