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Air Conditioning Chiller Maintenance Company

Service Group 365 maintains and services all types of roof top chiller for air conditioning. We have now enabled you to have a choice when it comes to deciding on an air conditioning company to carry out you air conditioning maintenance for your water chiller. Typically companies use the manufacturer to service and maintain the chillers and know all about that only too well when the bills come rolling in. Using the manufactures is by far the most expensive way to get your chiller maintained.

Our chiller maintenance packages now also include a water treatment and water analysis of the system. We have found that incorporating the 2 professions we can offer most of our clients the complete package for their air conditioning.

What Frequency Do I Need the Chiller Maintenance Visits?

2 visits per year us usually adequate for all chiller types, in some cases where the chiller has to run extremely hard all year round these visits can be scheduled to quarterly if it requires it.

How Soon Can You Maintain Our Chiller?

We can usually get a maintenance engineer on-site within 2 working days

Because We Choose Service Group 365 To Maintain Our Chiller Does That Change How Quick You Can Get Parts From The Manufacturer?

It Does! But, for the better. In most cases if we need a part the manufacturer are more than happy to supply us because they have a separate parts department from the maintenance. Also in many cases we can use a different part which is readily available and does the same job!

Contact us now to book in you air conditioning chiller maintenance.

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