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Air Conditioning Energy Assessors

Inspection of all air conditioning systems over 12 kW capacity comes into effect as of 1 January 2011. this date is nearly 6 weeks away and the need for qualified air-conditioning energy assessors has never been so high.

The aim of the scheme is to inspect all air conditioning systems and check it energy performance to allow building owners and operatives to understand the performance of their buildings. Air conditioning systems will need to be categorised on their own and this document is hoped to save energy and cut operating costs as well as ensuring air-conditioning companies installing the equipment are selecting the right air-conditioning units for the job.

Under this new directive, building owners and managers who have air conditioning systems will have a very clear and defined responsibility to make sure that all of these inspections are carried out,  and it’s a statutory duty to do so. However, these requirements at the moment do not extend to refrigeration systems, the ones that serve cold rooms, walking food storage units and even refrigeration display cabinets, similarly air-conditioning systems to vehicles are also excluded.

So how does this relate to you?

As mentioned above this affects all air conditioning systems with cooling outputs which exceed 12 kW.

  • Centralised air-conditioning systems: where were refrigeration equipment delivers calling through air handling units, all pumped chilled water circuits. These will also include the constant volume systems, variable air volume systems, and systems using phone call units or passive chilled beams.
  • Individual splits systems: were single outdoor unit connects to a single indoor unit delivering calling.  These are usually referred to as split air conditioning systems.
  • Multi-split systems: where one or more external unit is connected to a number of indoor units delivering the calling. You may have heard is called ” multi split units” and these also include variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF) and variable refrigerant volume (VRV).
  • Distributed heat pump system: where a series of individual heat pump type units that are linked or common circuit, this can be a pumped water circuit or even the central boiler.

As stated, this is a legal requirement from 4 January 2011. if you do have any air conditioning systems  that are over the 12 kW of cooling capacity limit then these air conditioning units will need to be assessed for their energy consumption.

Air Con 365 are proud to be able to offer you the services of an air conditioning energy assessor.  we will be able to assess all of your air conditioning equipment and provide you with the necessary documentation to ensure that you meet all of the new legislative requirements.

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