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Air Conditioning Energy Inspections Now Mandatory

As of 4 January 2011, all air conditioning with a total cooling output of over 12 kW now requires an annual energy inspection. This means for most air-conditioned spaces that are approximately over 2000 ft.² should now have an energy certificate.

As with all the legislation, especially as far as energy management is concerned policing this issue is going to become a growing concern. Very little has been done up to the run up from the launch of this new mandatory legislation, and now a lot of companies and building owners are facing the arduous task of finding the right air conditioning company to carry out an air-conditioning energy inspection on their equipment to ensure that they are compliant with current law.

Another purpose of the air-conditioning energy inspections is to provide owners and operators of air conditioning equipment with useful information on the performance and efficiency of their air conditioning systems. This will then help them improve efficiency and perhaps even cut costs as they will easily recognise if they’re using too much energy. A great way to ensure the all-new air-conditioning that is installed also has an air-conditioning energy inspection attached to it, is to create a central register of all new installations over 12 kW. This will allow all air conditioning inspections to be in line with the current energy performance certificates and display energy certificates which are already collated and stored in a central database, to help ensure a consistent approach measuring energy efficiency throughout your building.

If you do have air conditioning systems look after a large area, then you may require air conditioning inspection and certificate for that equipment. Therefore, contact a local reputable air-conditioning company and they will advise you on the best way to ensure that not only are you remaining on the right side of the law, but also managing your energy cost effectively.

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