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Air Conditioning even used in Zoo

In Washington As the eastern United States endures the sweltering and intense heat, even the animals in the local Zoo are turning keeping cool using  to popsicles and air conditioning.

The Zoo in Washington, does it;s best by making home made popsicles for the pandas and the other animals. Keeping the animals comfortable is vital as they are in a different environment, in the wild they may fin a place to sit in a nice breeze of even cool off in a watering hole, but when you can only move tens of yards then other methods of keeping cool and comfortable are necessary, even if it is using air conditioning.

Zoo spokeswoman Karin Korpowski-Gallo said most animals also have access to air-conditioned indoor enclosures. The others have shady spots where they can rest.

Amanda Bania, the zoo’s great ape keeper, said apes in captivity are accustomed to having access to air conditioning — even species that hail from the tropics.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Washington until 11 p.m. Temperatures are expected to teeter around 100 degrees.

I wonder if the Zoo needs air conditioning in London? It’s very hot there too.

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