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Air Conditioning fails on Trains a Passengers Suffer

When an heatwave in Germany managed to shut down the air conditioning on three very Hi-tech trains, passengers were left trapped and stranded, baking in 50C heat. This was over the weekend and the commuters were very near collapse.

More than 52 people were required to go for some kind of medical treatment after the extreme heat exposure and hundreds of people had to change trains. The national railway systems Deutsche Bahn spokesman said “eight of the people who were traveling on these 3 trains have suffered from heat exhaustion required hospital treatment in Bielefeld and another 44 or the passengers were treated on the train. Ninety-one rescue staff called to Bielefeld station had to treat passengers who were suffering from hyperventilation, vertigo, overheating, headaches, and other symptoms, local firefighters said.

The importance of air conditioning continues to show itself. Heat exhaustion and the effects of heat are all too common, and in the fast paced lives we all lead, being comfortable is a must for us all to function.

Just imagine, having no air conditioning in London, with the cramped up streets and the busy offices and shops, the most busy area in the country would slow down and eventually come to a halt.

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