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Air Conditioning for Heating

Heating with air conditioning may seem a little strange at first, and even pointless, but Air conditioning heating is the most efficient in its class.

When people think of air conditioning, its the cold, noisy and ugly unit which first comes to mind does it not? However things have really moved on from that, and now some of the air conditioning units have the style of a fashion accessory.

Air Conditioning Heating

We’re now in the 21st century and technology is still moving at a rate, which seems unsustainable. In the past 10 to 15 years we have seen cars go from smelly noisy expensive things to luxury items that wouldn’t look out of place parked in the lobby of a palace. This is al something which we have seemed with our own eyes, so why them does air conditioning, which heats, seem quite so unlikely?

Reducing the running cost of Air Conditioning

This has been the biggest challenge within the industry for quite a number of years, and as with any challenge it became an “all hands on deck” mission to produce the most efficient air conditioning unit, and the outcome from that not only came air conditioning which is now 80-90% more economical but also the discovery in one of the cheapest forms of heating too. With the addition of ground source heat-pumps, heating with air conditioning will grow in popularity over the next 10 years.

Air Conditioning Maintenance, and the benefits.

As long as you have an air conditioning maintenance contract on your system you can expect you air conditioning system to keep you lovely and warm for about 15-20 years, this is about the same life expectancy as a standards boiler.

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