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Air Conditioning in a Car is the no1 Wanted Accessory

There was a time not so long ago that air conditioning was considered a luxury accessory in the automotive industry. Things have come a long way since then and according to a recent survey it has reveled that air conditioning is the most valued in built car accessory. A whopping 81 percent claimed that it is “essential”

These finding emerged when a major body in the car industry ran the survey, they asked each customer to rate a range of features according to there importance. At least safety as well as comfort was near the top of the list with 67 percent saying that a suitable fitted alarm and immobilisers was also important.

By contrast, 67 per cent said an in-car TV or DVD player for passengers was not important and 58 per cent said the same of hi-fi sub-woofers.

After alarms, sat-nav was ranked as the most desirable accessory with 24 per cent saying it was “almost entirely necessary”, and 44 per cent preferring to have it. MP3 player kits were also rated highly, as were hand-free mobile phone kits and parking sensors.

Exchange and Mart conducted the survey to mark its tie-up with CAP, which analyses used-car data.

CAP Managing Director Richard Whittles said: “To get the most accurate valuation for a vehicle, you do need to list all accessories and add-on features, as they can often significantly alter the overall value.

“For example, alloy wheels can add several hundred pounds and leather even more, depending on the model. But other seemingly valuable extras might not add as much as you expect. That is why a directly relevant valuation for your specific car is so important.”

How long will it be until home air conditioning is voted the most important feature to UK households? It almost getting that way now with the rise in Air Conditioning in London.

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