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Air Conditioning in a Luxury Apartment

We have recently finished a few projects where we have fully air-conditioned London-based luxury apartments.

This has become more popular in the last year as a demanding clients have come to expect the added comfort all year round that air conditioning will bring them.

Luxury apartment air conditioning

What are the expectations when air conditioning an apartment

One of the main concerns that clients have is the overall look of the finished project.  Typically, air conditioning doesn’t fit in to any interior design criteria.  At Service Group 365 we are able to create complete bespoke solutions whereby all of the air conditioning systems, grills, ducts and even controllers are completely invisible.

Your air-conditioning has been installed and we have gathered the fact that it is now possible, through imagination and engineering to create a fully air-conditioned living environment, thats is discreet and invisible. ( to all intents and purposes).  Another trick here is to create a system that is silent to0.  This is another area that service group 365 really do excel in.

The very reason you are having air conditioning installed is to create a more comfortable usable living environment.  In many cases, companies will install an air conditioning system and give little or no thought to how comfortable the occupants will be throughout the areas.  People who work in offices will generally complain of extremely cold drafts from the air conditioning. The reason for this, is that the air conditioning vents are located in positions giving little thought to who is near them and how it will affect them.  Our initial airflow and analysis working with the client and the designers of the project will ensure that your air-conditioned luxury apartment will be evenly heated or cooled throughout the year giving you the maximum benefit.

The Difference
Remember, 95% of all air conditioning installations are carried out in a different manner from company to company.  Each company has the choice of a number of suppliers for the equipment, they are also able to choose the materials used and how the system will be installed.  This is why it’s so important to understand the difference that a company like Service Group 365 will offer when you are dealing with luxury home and apartment air conditioning.  It’s the little differences that make all the difference when it comes to your comfort, and this is an area that not only we take into consideration but we pride ourselves on.

If you’re thinking about having air conditioning installed within a luxury apartment then please do give us a call or drop us an e-mail to discuss the particular project.  we are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have and even offer you certain solutions that perhaps you haven’t yet thought of.  solutions that fit directly with your design criteria and your overall view of the project.

After thought
Just like any piece of mechanical equipment  if you have an air conditioning installation carried out you will also require air conditioning maintenance to ensure its longevity and operational effectiveness remains as new.  always ask before you have the work carried out if a particular company will look after the whole project right the way through to the maintenance and service stages. It May seem like a strange question at 1st but there are many companies who will simply install and then not maintained their equipment,  leaving clients stranded without the air conditioning system they once had.

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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