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Air Conditioning Increases Safety As Child Falls From Balcony

A Recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, explained how families with young children are leaving their windows open to save on air conditioning costs.

It is estimated around 50 children fall from windows and balconies each year in Australia, and the amount of children falling from balconies almost doubles during the summer months. When asked, why parents are leaving the windows and doors open,  they simply reply ” It’s a cheaper way to keep cool than having on the air conditioning”. One woman told of her tragedy when on New Year’s Day her son fell over 5 m onto the ground and when she got him he wasn’t moving at all.

Thankfully, the incident was fairly minor with just a broken arm and considering the height and other variables it could have been far more extreme.

You may save a few pence a day by opening windows and doors but there are so many increased risks by having your home open to the elements, not only are things and people and animals likely to fall from these, but you all also allowing potential intruders easy access into your property. So next time you think about saving some money by opening windows and doors, trying gauge the real cost if a potential incident was to happen.

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