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Air Conditioning Installation Tips on installation

Having the luxury of enjoying air conditioning facilities means a lot especially during hot summer months. These units provide amazing relief from scorching heat and eliminate humidity from a room. You would also benefit from cleaner and purer air inside the house or office. However, the process of an air conditioning installation is a task that most people find painful. The process is time consuming and a little mistake may result in huge losses.

Here are some helpful tips for AC installation for a window unit air conditioner:

  • Tip one: Older/Large Vs new units: If you own a very large or old air conditioning unit, these may rest well on external brackets. However, the units available on the market today rest on sill-mounted supports. The best thing to do is to read the manual carefully for instructions when installing the unit. Make sure that the mounts are installed properly. In case, you do not pay proper attention on this, the unit may fall from the window and get damaged. Analyze the window sill well prior to installing the unit. Try replacing the sill if it is partially rotten.
  • Tip two: Adjustments: Screw one end of the bracket that arrives with the unit in to the window sill. You need to adjust a center screw to make sure that the unit is in level. This also helps in ensuring adequate concentration drainage. In case, your window frame is made of metal, use sheet metal screws to install the brackets.
  • Tip three: Open the window wider: You need to open the window wider in order to set the air conditioner firmly in place. You may ask someone to help you if you find the unit too heavy to lift. When sliding the unit in to the opening of the window, you will find a pocket underneath. This works towards locking the unit in place with the bracket.
  • Tip four: Extensions: The air conditions unit consists of extensions on both sides which you will find when the unit is placed in to the window opening. You need to open out these extensions. This is to close any gaps that you find between the unit and window. Fasten extensions to the sash of window just after each extension fits well against the window.

Now that you are through with the process of air conditioning installation, just turn the unit on and enjoy!

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