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Air Conditioning Installations and Why Prices Differ So Much

As a company we have decided to offer a unique price promise to show all of our client that we offer a genuine solution to reducing costs associated with air conditioning.

Since we launched the price promise offer, we have had quite a number of new clients coming to us with quotations from our competitors that are in some cases considerably lower and offering a different package, naturally, the question has to be asked, how can some of our “competitors” offer an air conditioning solution at a much cheaper price? After all, all you really want is a cool, comfortable and relaxing environment.  Surely our competitors aren’t doing the job for free and just charging for the equipment? So where are all the hidden extra costs, and are they really worth it?

 What does a budget solution get you?

Firstly, just like car manufacturers there are a number of air-conditioning manufacturers. These all range from high quality  and premium priced through to very low quality and built to a budget.

Next is the type of  air conditioning installation and the quality and standards that it’s delivered. in just the same way that any skilled trade varied in quality, the air-conditioning engineer and company is certainly no exception. In fact, air conditioning is probably the most varied and diverse trade available. this means having not only qualified but extremely experienced engineering staff is absolutely paramount for air conditioning installations. In some cases we have been asked to use our Price promise against the supposed competitor who has no industry affiliations, no legal F gas qualifications and proposal offered and delivered which simply implies very poor skills.

the next part when choosing an air conditioning installer for your particular project although sometimes overlooked should be, the service and maintenance and warranty that would come with the new installation. when you’re looking into an air conditioning installation is possibly the last thing on your mind to find out whether the people installing the equipment are able and qualified to service and maintain your equipment.  Having a quality air conditioning maintenance in place immediately after your new equipment has been installed will not only give you the peace of mind ensuring longevity but it will also validate any manufacturers parts warranties.  also know that any quality air conditioning installer also offers service and maintenance packages will in most cases, validate additional parts warranties for up to 5 years simply by having an air conditioning maintenance package.

When all of the elements are in place, it’s easy to see why there are sometimes an extra costs associated by going with a premium company however, the premium service  is always the most cost-effective route to take. An air conditioning installation should be looked at as an investment and not simply a quick fix to get you through an extremely warm 2 weeks. Having air conditioning installed is about creating environments that are comfortable to live in and work in.

Give us a call and see how we fare!  remember, there is always the price promise to fall back on and will always match and improve upon competitors quotations as long as it on an “apples for apples” type basis


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