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Air Conditioning Knowing About the History

The term ‘air conditioning’ is used for a process that cools, heats and dehumidifies the air within an area. The air conditioning system is also commonly referred to as ‘HVAC’. HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning.

Do you know certain important facts related to the history of air conditioning? This article throws some light on the history of air conditioning throughout the ages:

Roman aqueducts

Mechanical & electric air conditioning is a modern invention. However, cooling a building or room is not a new concept. Affluent Romans from the ancient era were known to use water in the brick work of their palaces & buildings to cool down the temperature.

Industrial Air Conditioning

In the beginning of the twentieth century, air conditioning was only utilized for industrial & commercial purposes.

Home Air Conditioning

Residential sales of air conditioning systems began in the 1950s.

Car air conditioning

In the year 1939, air conditioners were installed in cars for the first time. These were large, in-efficient & very expensive. HVAC systems became affordable in the 1980’s.

The present HVAC systems

These systems can be found every where today. Every building, commercial place and residential area is covered with these systems to provide better facility of temperature control to people.

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