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Air Conditioning London Hotels and Saving Millions

Air Con 365 has recently been appointed to carry out energy survey for a chain of hotel which are predominately in the London area.

There task is to reduce energy consumption and make significant energy saving to counter balance the initial investment of new equipment while maintaining or even improving the overall room comfort and controllable.

This is by no means a simple task, however Air Con 365 wasted no time and carried out a survey on the chiller plant air conditioning systems first. The running cost and maintenance costs were calculated for each of the London hotels and the findings were quite staggering.

The cost of the average roof top chiller per year was nearly £100,000. and these usually run between 30 and 60 rooms. Immediately a basic cost was then added for the heating side. (Roof Top Chiller Don’t heat!) Therefore each of the London hotels required a boiler for the winter. The cost to run this again was astronomical. Nearly £35,000 per annum.

The calculation were checked and checked again with the same result give or take a few pounds being the nominal value.

This made the job very simple. In running cost alone a new air conditioning installation would pay for itself, including the running cost within 5 years, and with a healthy life expectancy of 15 year it was a no brainer and the air conditioning installation program began immediately.

Air Conditioning London has never been so simple!

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