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Air Conditioning Maintenance Company London

Service Group 365 are pleased to now offer maintenance contracts to new London clients due to us localising the business. Our head office has always been in Milton Keynes but over the years more and more companies from London having been signing up to our maintenance services. We have therefore decided to make a service centre in London to serve all existing and all new clients.

Contact Now 0207 1275365 to Book Your Maintenance

Whether you have a single system or would like a bespoke maintenance contract for several hundred systems we will provide you with the contract that’s right for you. Your requirements will always be assessed and your preference will be taken in to account when deciding on the types of contract that you need.

Typically air conditioning systems would need a minimum of 2 visits per year, but as we all know, businesses, circumstances and requirement sometimes mean that more maintenance visits are needed, and that’s just fine. The main aim of having your air conditioning maintained is that you look after your investment and ensure comfort when its needed and the security of equipment when cooling computer server rooms.

Why Are More Companies Are Choosing Service Group 365

  • Great value for money
  • All fully qualified engineers
  • Honest and easy to understand proposals
  • Recommendations
  • Fast, Friendly and Efficient Response

How Quickly Can You Attend?

From the initial contact to the actual first day of the maintenance can be from as little as 5 days. I quite a few cases we will receive calls from a London based company who have just moved in to a building and require there air conditioning to be maintained as quickly as possibly.

Why Do I Need To Have My Air Conditioning Maintained?

The main beneficial reason is to ensure its longevity. After that then efficiency of the equipment is a big factor. Air Conditioning that is maintained regularly can run efficiency for longer, in some cases a system that is poorly maintained will be up to 80% less efficient. Its simply throwing money away everything you turn it on. Some of the other reasons are as follows:

  • Legal Obligation See F Gas
  • Get rid of smells
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Reduce downtime

If you are in London and would like a quotation for a new maintenance contract please call our London number now 0207 1275365 or alternatively Request A Maintenance Proposal.

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