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Air Conditioning Maintenance is Effectively Free

As the UK’s Number one selection in air conditioning maintenance we are now used to the questions regarding the value and benefits of having an air conditioning maintenance plan in place. From our research and tests we have found in most case the maintenance plans we put in place are effectively Free.

Why is this?

Maintenance on your air conditioning for some is simply a compliance issue, others choose to have a maintenance plan in place because “all of our equipment is maintained”. But vary rarely do we hear of people saying that they would like to have this service in place to save them money. You will read in many sources that a well maintained piece of equipment breakdown less and as a result less “down time”. So the cost are saved by the reduced breakdowns. This is very true but its sometime a vary difficult cost to qualify. An air conditioning system that has been maintained will inevitably breakdown, so would it have broken down more if there wasn’t a maintenance plan in place?? The obvious answer is yes. But would it?!

At Service Group 365 we strive to always offer the very best in all types of air conditioning solutions to our clients and therefore we carry out our own independent energy test before and after a maintenance has been done. This means that we are now able to guarantee that all systems we maintain will see a huge improvement in the running costs and thus in most cases will more than pay for the maintenance plan.

This now brings us back to the old idea that a well maintained system will breakdown less and cost you less in repairs. This is now a true benefit because the cost of the maintenance would be written off in energy costs alone.

So, next time you are wondering “how much do I have to spend to have my air conditioning maintained” remember that a system maintained by Service Group 365 will return the investment in running costs alone.

People like yourself are beginning to enjoy all of the benefits from having your air conditioning done by Service Group 365 and you can too.


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