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Air Conditioning Maintenance Required More Than Normal

The bank holiday weekend is just come to an end, and everywhere I go and everyone I speak to is talking about how fantastic the weather has been. Even tho a little bit strange to have the weather so warm this time of year there is no one complaining. And to further spur the feelings of elation, this weather set to last for at least another week.

However, Tuesday is the first day back at work. Has your business had their air conditioning maintenance this year?  You’re probably about to find out. When you go into work people will be fighting over the air conditioning control, some will want it icy cold and others will want the temperature set as if they’re basking in the Mediterranean shade. Whatever the choice is in your office or workplace let’s just hope you have options.  As long as you had your air conditioning maintained they can certainly look forward to being able to select the desired temperature you choose at any time and know that your room will achieve their temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For those of you who haven’t had air conditioning maintain, the story is not so rosy. Some of the things you can expect this week if your air conditioning needs a service are:

  • Noisy air conditioning system
  • Not cooling correctly
  • Smelly units
  • And if you’re unlucky enough to pay the electricity bill. the additional cost.

If you haven’t had your recognition maintained, speak to your boss or the person in charge and make sure that they get it done. Not only will I save money in electricity bills but will also keep everyone in the workplace happy, cool, calm and working as productively as possible. Well at least it’s as productively as possible that Facebook allows. lol

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