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Air Conditioning Making the Summer Feel Hotter

Every where we go now days we are welcomed with the cool fresh breeze air conditioning provides. We can’t go into a single building, car or plane without noticing it. Air Conditioning is spreading fast and it looks as if it will continue. But, is the fact air conditioning is everywhere making us less tolerable to the heat? Are we more demanding now than ever that we must keep cool?

The argument goes on. 50-60 year ago when air conditioning was as rear as rocking horse poop, everyone lives just carried on. Daily tasks and work were done and the people did not give it a second thought. Sweat was part of the norm during the summer, and in the same way a coat and hat are common to see in the winter, sweaty “T” Shirts and legs are common practice during the warmer months.

Now look at us. So many people expect the temperature inside of building, cars and transport to be just perfect whatever the weather is doing outside, we have been nurtured that a correctly air conditioned building will provide us with that luxury and this luxury has not only become a necessity, but a pre-requisite.

I ask you “Now that London is Air Conditioned, does is feel warmer than it did 50 years ago?”

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