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Air Conditioning size

The importance of air conditioning has been recognized by the whole world. Years of comfort, convenience and desired levels of temperature provided by this miracle unit has made people appreciate its’ existence in their lives. Air conditioning units have produced huge benefits and profits to business owners in the past. It would not be wrong to say that a part of world’s economy and business profits has been possible profits has been possible due to installation of air conditioning units in various parts of the world.

Today, everyone is aware of immense benefits air conditioning units can offer. Howeverthere are only a few who know about certain important facts associated to air conditioning. For example only a few are aware of the reduced size of air conditioning units over the past few years. Some facts related to shrinking air conditioning unit sizes.

Year 1902: This was the year when a machine very similar to the modern air conditioner was built by Willis Carrier, an American engineer. This machine was referred to as “Apparatus for treating air”. This machine was huge in size.

Year 1914: The year saw an invention by carrier. These were wonderful units but huge in size.

Year 1922: Carrier came up with super new inventions. This air conditioning unit was devoid of sulphur. These air conditionings shrunk a little in size.

After the World War II, the trend of window unit air conditioners came in to existence. These were compact in size and very comfortable to use. These units became very popular with users and sales increased from 74,000 in the year 1948 to 1,045,000 in 1953.

Today, you can find air conditioning units in varied sizes to suit specific requirements of users.

Most of these are available in compact sizes. These can be easily moved from one place to another and fitted in to the smallest room.

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