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Air Conditioning Units are Everywhere

Air conditioning has become an integral part of every one’s life across the globe. If you want to stay at home peacefully, work in the office efficiently or drive comfortably, air conditioning is a must. You would also require air conditioning in a hospital, restaurant, bar, factory and literally everywhere to ensure comfortable environment during summers. It is a fact that you simply cannot survive without it nowadays. There are varied types of air conditioning systems available on the market. What is the reason? This is all because of the increasing demand of these units among consumers. You would find central air conditioners, window and split type air conditioners to suit specific requirements.

Central air conditioning is basically recommended in big enclosures such as supermarkets, airports and high rise buildings where cooled air requires to be supplied from a central location. These are vast units that use water cooling with cooling towers that are properly maintained as well as operated under the administration of proficient engineers.

Houses and smaller offices may do well with smaller units that are suited to cool a small room. Small air conditioners are categorized in to two types; namely split type and the window type.

Window type is ideal for a smaller room. However, despite using the latest technology they are very noisy. The only benefit of the window type is that in case of a break down the replacement is very easy. On the contrary, the split type makes very little noise. As a result most houses use this type for small rooms as it is more efficient and less noisy. In the split type, compressor is located outside the house and the evaporating unit inside the room that needs cooling. The compressed liquid of coolant gas brought into the house through copper tubing is evaporated in the evaporator. This kind of arrangement reduces noise to about half. Since the unit is more efficient and emits less noise, it is considered to be the best option for households.

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