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Air Conditioning Water Leak Most Common Service Call

When running any type of business people will often ask questions that seemingly have no real relevance to them what so ever. And here’s one of those funnies again. Today someone asked me from all of the service call and breakdown calls what is the most common fault?

It was immediately obvious to me what it was because about 60% of all new air conditioning service breakdown calls on air conditioning is due to water leaks.

There are a number of reasons why “the water ” is the most common but the great news it that it an easily be prevented. Having your air conditioning maintained on a regular basis is the first and most obvious but then secondary to that is to make sure the company that you choose is a reputable one and is a company that is known to provide an excellent service.

As simple as a leaky air conditioner is to repair the hassle and cost associated are not only unnecessary but an be a real pain especially when you are in the heights of the summer months and the option of turning the system off, is, simply not an option.


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