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Air Conditioning Repairs and Breakdowns

At Service Group 365 our clients are kept happy all year round through our 365 days per year call out repair and breakdown service. When your  air conditioning inevitable breaks down this can affect your business in many more ways than just your staff being a little uncomfortable. What else can be affected?

  • Uncomfortable conditions lowers productivity
  • Offices too hot, more breaks needed
  • Being too hot causes excess stress
  • Computer server rooms can shut down

Does Your air conditioning need repairing? Has your air conditioning broken down?

What’s the cost of an Air Conditioning Breakdown?

As you can calculate yourself, if your business suffers any of these conditions the cost to your bottom line can be exponential. Our specialist repair engineers work around the clock to ensure all of our clients are comfortable and productive. Our “first fix” rate is among the highest within the industry thanks to our own unique in house training program which complements all of our engineers Air Conditioning and electrical qualifications.

Even with the very best air conditioning maintennace plan in place there will always be a time when your air conditioning does need to be repaired, this is a fact that we have come to accept. However, finding the correct company to carry out those repairs can sometimes be where the problems begin. We find that for client who do now use Service Group 365 for their maintenance plans generally have more air conditioning faults and breakdowns

Repair Response Time

All of our contracted clients take priory for Air Conditioning breakdowns and repairs, however we will always endeavor to attend any service call out within 48 hours. Our contracted clients can in some cases expect same day breakdown services which is, i’m sure you’ll agree, invaluable.

Contact us now and get those repairs carried out before it comes a time when you are really in need.