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TM44 Inspection

Air Conditioning Inspections: Don’t risk getting fined!

Here is what you need to know about air conditioning inspections to avoid breaking the law.

If your building has a total of 12kw of cooling or more, then you are now legally required to carry out and register an air conditioning inspection certificate (TM44), or also known as an air conditioning energy assessment. This should be completed every five years from installation to ensure you are in accordance with new regulations. If your system was installed on or after 1st January 2008 you have up to 5 years before carrying out your first inspection.

The building owner or tenant is normally responsible for commissioning and ensuring the inspection takes place, however the guidelines say whoever controls the technical operation of the systems is responsible for the inspection.

It’s the law!

If you don’t comply with the law you may be subjected to an investigation by Trading Standards or be issued with a penalty charge notice. At present the penalty for failing to produce a TM44 certificate is £300.

It’s not all bad news though…

Often companies see these inspections as a burden and a tick box exercise rather than a benefit. In fact an air conditioning inspection done by professional inspectors, such as Service Group 365 can:

Improve the air quality in your building

Improve the comfort / health of your employees or building occupants

Improve the performance of your employees

Help with your staff retention

Dramatically cut your running costs

Help you stay competitive

Reduce your carbon emissions

Improve your business image amongst customers, investors and employees

The inspection report issued may need action to ensure you stay compliant. It is always recommended to implement the changes, after all it is an energy assessment and by doing so you may cut your energy usage, save money and improve the working conditions for your occupants. Wherever possible Service Group 365 will recommend changes that can be made quickly and cost effectively, or even ‘cost-free’.

Service Group 365 always recommend pre preventative maintenance coupled with independent inspections can make a real difference to the energy efficiency of your building and your profits, and when it comes to your next air conditioning inspection you can be reassured that it will be stress-free.


Your air conditioning system must be inspected every five years AND if your system was installed on or after 1st January 2008, the first inspection must take place within five years of installation.

What you need to do next

Just click on the link contact Service Group 365 for a free, no obligation quotation and let us help keep you on the right side of the law.

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