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An Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Ever since the first air conditioning equipment was installed commercially way back in the early 20th century, it has been essential that that equipment had an air conditioning maintenance plan for it. Regardless of the type of air conditioning installed or the amounts of systems within a building, it is absolutely necessary and beneficial for you to have your air conditioning system maintained correctly.

Here’s Why:

  •  maintenance plan improves the overall running costs by up to 50%
  •  having your system maintained gives you peace of mind that the equipment will last as long as it possibly can.
  •  irritating smells and unnecessary odours are eradicated through maintenance.
  •  it’s the law!  that’s right read our F Gas post to find out if you are compliant!
  •  is there any piece of mechanical equipment that doesn’t need maintaining?

Okay, so it is obvious that a maintenance is essential. Using the term maintenance and categorising everyone’s requirements within that, is ignorant at best.  The requirements for maintenance will be based entirely upon the units locations and its use, the type of environment that it is in also plays a huge part. (hairdressing salons, office server rooms etc).

This is information that an air conditioning company should seek from you before they are able to provide you with a tailored maintenance plan for your equipment.

  1. What area the air conditioning equipment installed in?
  2. Is the area populated with people or is it closed off?
  3. Do use the system to heat and cool?
  4. How long has the air conditioning being installed for?
  5. When was the time you last had equipment maintained?
  6. Have there been any underlying problems or rear carrying issues with the systems?
  7. Have you had issues with unwanted smells when turning air conditioning on?

From the answers to these, the air conditioning company should be able to ascertain and create a tailored have made air conditioning proposal for your equipment. Remember, having air conditioning installed is a lifelong commitment, and so is the ongoing maintenance to ensure that you benefit fully from the capital outlay that has already been realised.


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