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Basement air conditioning Tips on Turing your basement in to a wine cellar

Many people are scared of owning a period property. This is because repairing it or getting a building work done is very difficult and time consuming. You may hire a restoration contractor but the costs are very high.

So what should be done? Well, building a wine cellar in your basement will be a great idea. This is a place where you will be preserving all your precious wine. You need to do a little planning for this.

There are several important things to consider at the wine cellar planning stage. One of the most important things is to maintain an agreeable temperature.

The wine cellar must be kept cool. This will make sure that your wine collection is in good position and well maintained.

You may not have a plenty of choice when it comes to placing an air conditioning unit in your cellar. The best thing to do is to mount it between studs. This indicates that the placement and installation must be considered seriously during the planning stage.

Adequate ventilation is very necessary to dissipate heat away from the cellar. Locate the air condition unit in a position where you can easily access it for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Wine cellar air conditioning units are a great choice to maintain the temperature of a wine cellar.

Take in to consideration the size of the basement when purchasing. This will help you purchase one that perfectly cools the cellar. The capacity of the cooling unit actually depends on the size of the wine cellar.

If you have glass doors in the cellar you must go for a higher capacity unit. This is the make up for the lack of insulation in the door.

If you are thinking of storing wine for a long period of time, make sure you create favorable atmospheric conditions.

Installing an air conditioning system will allow you to achieve the apt temperatures and moisture levels. You will be able to create a favorable environment for your prized possessions.

Make sure that your air conditioning installer includes a specialized control system to facilitated wine cellar cooling. This means that the unit will help keeping the temperature around twelve degrees. The relative humidity will be about 50 percent.

It is not difficult to turn your basement in to a wine cellar if you take care of maintaining the right temperature.

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