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Be Prepared This Summer Set Up Air Conditioning

The summer has arrived early here in the UK and as the temperatures increase so can the electricity bills, if your air conditioning systems are not managed effectively.

The first and most important tip for the effective air conditioning systems operation is the ensure that the system has had a recent air conditioning maintenance. This is paramount and the ground work for everything else.

Next is the get the temperature right. This is another real big waste of energy if done incorrectly. Something to understand is that an air conditioner works at a set speed just like you home heating systems, and therefore by setting it colder than you desire does not cause the room to cool and more quickly than if you set it to the temperature that you would like it all day.

In most cases the best temperature for any room during the summer is around 23 -24 C. This will give a great level of comfort without to many people complaining it’s too cold. Note: an air conditioner set up by 3 -4C degrees than you would normally have it can reduce the running cost by up to 50%.

When in offices and other populated areas where there are multiple people who have access to the air conditoning controls,, agree on what the best tepreature is for all of you and leave it alone.

In so many cases people will be turning it up / down/on /and off all day and this is like a car is a traffic jam, it gets, hot, doesn’t get very far and is very inefficient.

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