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Bedroom air conditioning

To sleep or not to sleep that is the question

As our climate is for ever changing the long summer months and temperatures rising well over 25C, getting that well deserved sleep after a hard day’s work is begging to be very difficult.  I know life can be stressful enough, without sleep deprivation topping it all off.

There is a solution!

How does a degree sensitive climate sound to you, with fan speed control and air filtration to cure any allergies you may have.

Air conditioning has grown in popularity in the UK year on year and it is easy to see why. With inverter technology make the new systems energy efficient and reducing noise levels. This simple system can offer you the perfect night sleep throughout the year with the added bonus of being the cheapest form of heating as well.

Here are the top 10 Benefits of bedroom air conditioning

1 – Reduced rate of VAT which is currently set at 5%.

2- Degree sensitive control

3- Silent night mode

4- Cheapest form of heating

5- Inverter technology

6- Air filtration


8- Modern designs

9- Affordability

10- Most important of all giving you the good night sleep you deserve

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