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Book In Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer is Here!!! Well according to the time of year it should be! Even though its not the Indian summer we would have all hoped for, it still warm enough to make your work day uncomfortable and stressful. Plus we are only in the last week of July too, therefore we could quite easily have warm temperatures well into September.

When was the last time you had you air conditioning maintained or serviced?

In order to keep your air conditioning system running the way you would like you really need to get your system maintained at least twice per year, in some instances this can increase to as many times as 6 visits per year, but that is quite extreme and would only be for areas which have a lot of dust and debris in the air or areas that are absolutely critical that the systems remains running. Server rooms for instance is probably the important area to any business and keeping it cool is a must.

How long does it take to do a maintenance?

In most cases a maintenance is done on a single unit within 30 minutes. Every system is different though due to its make, model and location of the indoor and outdoor units. If you have a regular maintenance visit done the contractors will be probably reduce the time they spend on site as the time they have the contract extends. This is largely due to the system being know which makes the whole process quicker and even more effective.

Book In your air conditioning maintenance now if you haven’t got one scheduled in already. you’ve made the investment of having air conditioning installed, now you really need to protect that investment.

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