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Cambridge Air Conditioning

Weather in Cambridge during summer can be a problem for many especially if there is no air conditioning facility to support amiable temperature. Humidity is a major problem that can be taken care of by installing air conditioning units at homes & offices.

Residents of Cambridge have realized the value of home inspections when it comes to keeping the air conditioning systems in working condition. Most Cambridge air conditioning units undergo regular home maintenance inspections. Let us take a look at the significance of home inspections & your air conditioning.

Air conditioning is known to be one of the most expensive mechanical systems installed in homes. They have a short life span in certain climates. Regular home inspections can facilitate the units work efficiently & even increase their life span. However, there are certain limitations to inspecting these systems. One of these includes avoiding testing of an air conditioner when the ambient air is below 65 degrees f.

Avoiding home testing is also a must when the ambient air has been below 65 degrees in the past twenty four hours.

Strictly avoid locating your air conditioning unit in direct sunlight. The south side of your home will make the unit work harder which can be a problem in maintaining good life span. The indoor unit coils must be cleaned periodically. A vacuum cleaner or brush can be used for the purpose. The outdoor coils need to be free of certain obstructions such as shrubbery, grass, leaves etc.

One of the most important things to focus on is to read the owner’s manual carefully. This will provide you adept information related to appropriate start-up & operation conditions of the unit. Make sure that the vents & registers of the unit are not restricted or blocked by curtains, rugs, furniture or carpets.

Cambridge air conditioning units will work more efficiently via providing greater emphasis on home inspections.

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