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China Develops the Worlds First Solar Powered Air Conditioning

People all over the world would not be able to live without air conditioning, it’s not only the warm climate but typically cooler climates like London, air conditioning is also essential. These technologies make it possible for the most stuffy homes, offices and buildings to fell comfortable all year round. But there has always been a debate on the running cost of air conditioning. Here’s the solution.

China has developed the worlds first solar powered air conditioning system. This means that air conditioning run in this manner will enjoy huge savings. It has also been reported that the initial cost of the investment would be paid back with just over 6.5 years.

This is a real leap forward in terms of technology for buildings. Who else knows what could be next for this fast moving industry?

We know that air conditioning for heating is one of the cheapest and controllable forms of heating, and now it offer nearly free cooling during the summer using solar power. In 10 years time, what else will be common knowledge for air conditioning.

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