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Clean room air conditioning Providing the correct environment

Most clean rooms need cooling 365 days a year. This is due to the fan energy related to airflow of these rooms.  The heat produced by people, process, and lighting within the facility demands constant cooling.  Comfortable and pleasant temperature control is necessary for facilitating stable conditions for instruments, materials, and people visiting the facility. The temperature should at least be in the range of 72F to ensure human comfort in clean rooms because workers here often wear special garments over their clothes.

Humidity control as well as air conditioning is also imperative to keep corrosion away from the area. Another additional benefit of clean room air conditioning is prevention of condensation on work surfaces. It also tends to remove static electricity and ensures comfort to the staff. The human comfort zone in a clean room usually ranges from thirty percent to seventy percent elative humidity.

A clean room usually consists of several rooms having varied contamination requirements. All clean facility rooms require static pressures higher than atmospheric pressure. This is to prevent infiltration by wind. Another requirement is to maintain positive differential pressures between the rooms. This is the best way to ensure air flow from the cleanest space to the lesser clean space.

Another requirement for clean room is proper makeup air volumes and ventilation. This is facilitated by proper air conditioning within the facility. This works towards maintaining indoor air quality. Clean room air conditioning is also a great way to get rid of process exhaust. It also facilitates building pressurization to ensure proper balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Formaldehyde and other hazardous vapors emitted by building materials and furniture are diluted. The chances of high absorption of airborne pollutants within the construction are also reduced to a great extent.

If you are considering an HVAC system for clean room then it would be wise to go for fixed air conditioning system. Make a thorough research on some of the best air conditioning systems available on the market and decide on one that suits the specific requirements of the facility.

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