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Cold B&B – Real saving of Heating with Air Conditioning

I’m sat in bed in a B&B writing this in complete amazement of the amount of energy wasted just within this small room by the coast i’m staying in.

It’s the beginning of February and everywhere in the UK is just above freezing, keeping warm is a must, and no matter how many layers you are wearing you will need heating of some sorts within your building. My room at the  B&B I’m staying in was freezing the afternoon when I arrived, but I suppose it is the day time and we will be going out for dinner in an hour or so, so it doesn’t really matter. When we were shown our room I immediately notice the absence of fixed radiators or air conditioning and in their place were oil filled heaters and electric wall mounted heaters. When we went for dinner I could not contain myself to quickly calculate how much these little money drainers would cost to run over night, added to the fact that once you were in the room you had the potential to leave them all day while you were out and about. You only need to experience once what a room at 14c feels like, and you quickly learn to keep the heating on. There are 2 x 3 kw electric heater within the room, producing 6Kw of heat between them and consuming a massive 6kW of energy per hour too.

What’s the alternative form of heating?

The simple answer would be efficient heat pump air conditioning; this could provide the same heat power output with a fraction of the electricity, actually about 80% less. Air conditioning heating is so efficient the government have allowed the reduced rate VAT scheme at 5% to encourage users to make that shift.

Long Term savings heating with air conditioning

Again, as a quick calculation, the owner mentioned he has most rooms filled 80% of the year and with the UK’s climate this means he will need to provide heating at least 50% of that time. With the cost of a basic air conditioning unit which would be perfect in this room, the amount of energy saved he would have the investment paid within 18 months, and with a life expectancy of between 10-15 years he a would really make some massive savings.

Just think, by using air conditioning to heat your building it can make a huge difference to the amount of extra cash you have at your disposal, and it’s great for the planet too.

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