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Commercial air conditioning Repair and maintenance

Commercial air conditioning systems are quite different from domestic air conditioning systems. These are huge cooling units. These units also work towards consuming good amount of energy. These air con units require a lot of space unlike the regular home air conditioner. The reason is that these units are supposed to cool and maintain the temperature of a huge commercial area. Yes! The story is entirely different for industrial air conditioners. Sometimes when these air con units stop working, it becomes extremely difficult for the user to know where the problem is. The mammoth size and construction of the unit makes it all difficult. By the time you find out the exact problem out the cause, it might be too late. Hence, it is extremely important to focus on regular maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems through reputed servicing agencies on a regular basis.

There are numerous problems you may come across when using a commercial air conditioning system. Knowing about some of the common problems and their possible remedies can help you a lot with repair and maintenance of these systems. Stared below are some common problems you may come across while using a commercial air conditioning system:

  • The unit not starting up: This is one of the most common problems most people tend to face in their lifetime with a commercial air conditioning system. Sometimes, it becomes really very difficult to turn the system on. One off the chief reasons behind this is the problem with the a/c fuse. It might have got blown up. You need to change the fuse. In case, this brings no change, then you may require looking carefully for broken wires or any loose connections in the electrical wiring. There might also be a possibility of broken switch inside. The best thing to do here is to call a technician. He will check for these faults and do the needful.
  • No or very little cooling: This is one of the common problems. Here, you may require checking if the facility has any open windows that may be a cause for delayed cooling. Close these windows immediately. Also check the compressor belt. The problem may be due to loose or slipping of the belt. Tighten or replace as required. The cooling might also get affected due to blocked condenser filter. Also check for any leaking of refrigerant.
  • Stench: An odor coming out from commercial air conditioning system can be bad for it. It may indicate a dead mouse inside the air ducts. Proper cleaning the air ducts is important. Cleaning and wiping the unit will keep it in healthy state.
  • Noise: Noises may be caused due to loose nuts and bolts. Tightening them will solve the problem.

Repair and Maintenance Solutions:

You need to clean the filters with a mild detergent and dry it once a month. Focus on lubricating and tightening the screws twice a year. Also clean the water collecting tray and add some bleach to it. You must focus on clearing air ducts and cleaning the evaporator fins once a year.

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