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Conservatory air conditioning

Conservatories in the UK have grown in popularity year on year and is it any wonder why. They are the perfect way of utilising an extra room, well that is until the snow falls on the ground and the sun comes out in the summer.

Many people install extra radiators in their brand new conservatories,  which works to a point in the winter months. The down side to this is it can work out expensive, unbalance your central heating system and it is still unbearable in the summer months, which are probably the most desirable months to use your conservatory.

There is another option, an option that ticks all the boxes from value for money, heating and cooling. They are the cheapest form of heating which carries an extra bonus of only 5% VAT.

 If you haven’t guest already, it is air conditioning.

With new sleek designs covering every application from high level wall mounted units to low level and ducted systems. The top air conditioning manufactures have adapted new inverter technology to ensure new air conditioning units are quiet and energy efficient.

If you are looking for a conservatory that you can relax in come rain or shine, then make sure you cover all aspects and get a recognised air conditioning installation contractor to give you the degree sensitive solution you require.

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