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Conservatory Heating – The Best Way To Heat a Conservatory

Since the early 80’s conservatories have been on the increase for home owners. It’s and extension to the ground floor which is usually looked at as a retreat or a place away from it all. Well at least that was the idea when the thing was built. In reality the conservatory is an extension that is simply unusable most of the year round, it makes a good drinks chiller in the winter and an excellent green house in the summer.

There is a big problem with all conservatories and that making them comfortable to use. We all know now how to keep the room cool during the summer and it’s simple, Blinds and air conditioning. But did you realise that air conditioning is also the very best solution for heating the conservatory too?

No longer is air conditioning for the hot few days a year. New technologies and advancements mean that air conditioning for heating a conservatory is the fastest and most efficient way to heat the room.

A heat pump air conditioning system is the best way to heat your conservatory, so much so that the government have reduced the rate of VAT to 5% for all domestic clients who are having an air conditioning installation within their homes.

Another one of the really big benefits of heating your conservatory with an air conditioning system is the speed at which the heat is produced. Unlike radiators or wall type convector heaters, air conditioning circulates the air around room and gives a very even air temperature. Its the same principle as having a fan assisted oven. These were designed to stop temperature variations and to be more efficient. The idea is heating something with a single heat source with no way of moving the air is so out dated.

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