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Considerations When Fitting Air Conditioning To A Restaurant

Service Group 365 has  supplied and installed various air-conditioning systems into a number of restaurants over the past few years. As well as supplying and installing air conditioning systems, Service Group 365 is predominantly known for its air conditioning maintenance programs. As we are obtaining new contracts on a continual basis, many of these happen to be in restaurant settings. Therefore we fully understand all of the considerations and potential pitfalls that surround air conditioning in a restaurant. Unfortunately, for many of our maintenance clients, we are finding that the company who installed their air conditioning did not take into consideration all of the aspects that we consider to be important.

These Include:

The correct heat load and heat loss calculations, taking into consideration occupancy different times of the day, thermal heat loads from solar gains through windows and skylights, opening and closing of access doors and of course, the correct ventilation and air distribution for the kitchen.

It simple for most companies to calculate the basic heat loads based upon the amount of people that will be present at any given time. however, it’s important to realise that peak occupancy usually isn’t at the same time as peak heat gain from the sun. if this is the case for you,  then the heat calculation would need to be made on both the maximum load during peak occupancy and then maximum load during the height of the summer at peak hours. Then a mean average could be taken to find out which of the maximum figures is most suitable to use as the air conditioning cooling load.  Simply running this calculation could save over 50% in installation costs and running costs.

When installing air conditioning into a restaurant, it is very important to find out how the air-conditioned area will be affected by  kitchen and toilet extracts. it is very common for a company to select an air conditioning company to supply and install the main restaurant area heating and cooling, and then use a completely separate contractor, to supply the ventilation within the kitchen and toilet areas. These areas need to be calculated together, ideally by one contractor who would take upon themselves to design the system efficiently.

If the kitchen extract is installed without given a second thought to the air conditioning in the main restaurant area, then large amounts of heated or cooled air would be dragged outside and would go completely to waste. The additional strain and additional costs are incalculable but thankfully avoidable.

It is also worth spending some time understanding the restaurant seating layout when deciding on your air conditioning. everybody has been inside a restaurant eating while having cold drafts of air blown on them this is certainly not desirable, but without the right design becomes unavoidable. This doesn’t have to be an exact location for each and every chair, but is always best to create a standard layout for your restaurant before calling upon and air conditioning contractor to design a system which will work efficiently and not cause anyone any discomfort.

If you are looking to air conditioning your restaurant, and you would like to ensure that you have the best possible solution for your requirements and is always best to call in a professional. At service group 365 we are able to offer you a complete no obligation survey and proposal, which will outline all of the features and benefits of the air conditioning systems that we have selected for you, along with the reasons why we have selected. From this, you will have all the information required to make an informed decision.

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