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Daikin Air Conditioning To Buy Out Goodmans

Daikin industries Ltd, Japan’s largest air-conditioning manufacturer is currently in talks to buy the Houston-based business, Goodman global Inc. The purchase would be from Hellman & Friedman LLC and this would expand into the US markets.

The current buyout bid is currently negotiating around the proposed figure of $3.6 billion. as with any acquisition of a business any discussions could soon fall apart unless agreements are met.

Currently, the largest air-conditioning manufacturer in the world is carrier. if, dating industries are successful with the purchase of Goodman global Inc then this would make Daikin industries Ltd the world’s largest supplier of air conditioning products. not bad considering it started out making fluorinated gases and copper tube.

Only time will tell the exact value that Goodmans is sold for, all can do is wait, but it’s fantastic news that Daikin air-conditioning all very soon potentially to become the world’s largest supplier of air conditioning products, nice title!

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