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Daikin Altherma Heat Pump is Ideal for Apartments

The New Daikin Altherma Heat Pump Series is Ideal for any Apartment Buildings and Community Heating Efficient air to water heat pump technology for large residential buildings.

Efficient air-to-water heat pump technology for large residential buildings

Heating, domestic hot water and optional cooling from a single efficient system
The Daikin Altherma series for apartment buildings and community heating is able to efficiently heat (with leaving water temperatures up to 80°C), cool and produce domestic hot water. Its remarkable efficiency (COPs up to 3.5) is due to its ability to recover heat stored in the outdoor air. Domestic hot water temperatures up to 70°C are possible and the unit provides optional cooling, with leaving water temperatures down to 5°C. The use of this system results in a 27% reduction in primary energy use, 59% less CO2 emissions and 33% less operating costs compared to an installation with individual gas boilers.

Modular system is easy to install
One or more inverter controlled outdoor heat pump units can provide heating energy to an entire apartment complex. Outdoor units with capacities of between 23 and 45 kW extract the heat from the outdoor air, raise it to an intermediate temperature and transfer the heat energy to the individual indoor units via R-410A refrigerant. Multiple outdoor units can be installed for still larger applications.

A small footprint “plug and play” indoor unit is installed in each individual dwelling. It receives heat energy from the central outdoor unit, raises its temperature further by means of a second cascading heat pump cycle on R-134a refrigerant and feeds heated (or optionally cooled) water to under floor elements, radiators or heat pump convectors as required. The indoor unit also includes an optional 200 litre domestic hot water cylinder which, with water temperature of 70°C, is able to provide an equivalent hot water volume of 400 litres at 40°C. Two quiet operating (40dBA) indoor unit models, available in 6 and 9 kW capacities to suit every size of apartment, are inverter controlled for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Flexible control
Since connection between outdoor and indoor units is made by small diameter refrigerant piping (as opposed to the larger water pipes used in other systems) and no chimney is required, a minimum sized utility shaft is all that is needed. Building heights (from rooftop outdoor unit to lowest apartment) of 50 metres can be accommodated.

Each individual apartment is fitted with an intelligent user interface plus optional wired or wireless room thermostats. Features include control of room temperature, domestic hot water temperature, a space heating function, weather dependent setpoint and room temperature compensation. Two different water temperature zones – for example to feed lower temperature water to underfloor heating and higher temperature water to radiators – are possible for increased system efficiency.

Daikin really have proved, it’s not just for Air Conditioning London.

Note 1: Simulation calculation carried out on an apartment building in Belgium: 5 floors, 22 apartments, average size per apartment: 107m²; all apartments are assumed to be heated with under floor heating and radiators.

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