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Daikin D1 Approved Air Conditioning Contractor!

What does this really mean?

On the face of it, it means that certain air conditioning contractors or companies have been officially approved by the manufacturer to allow them to install the equipment in the same manner that it was designed to do.

But that does seem obvious and fairly straightforward, it would make sense to choose a company who has been approved by the manufacturer to install your equipment wouldn’t it?

Companies who have ”achieved” Daikin’s D1 status will tell you a number of “facts” about the benefits of using them because of the status, let’s take a look what they are.


  • Established partners with the full support of Daikin UK.
  • Expert installers with full design and technical capability.
  • Detailed quotations explained to you in straightforward terms.
  • Committed to training and developing installation engineers to the highest standards.
  • Recognised by Daikin UK with ‘Approved Installer’ status.
  • Many D1 Partners offer full service and maintenance.
  • Professional and established businesses with diverse industry experience.
  • many D1 Partners are recognised members of industry organisations and the leading trade associations –providing additional sources of information and expertise for the installer.
  • Access to tools and knowledge from Daikin UK for the most up to date product applications.
  • Sensitive to the needs of business, avoiding disruption for customers and their customers.

Note: This has been taken from http://www.daikin.co.uk/about/dealerd1/

That all looks very good. So what would a company receive from Daikin if in fact they were not D1 partners but just purchased the Daikin equipment from them, or in fact purchased Daikin equipment through a subsidiary reseller?

You guessed it! All of the above the exception of the D1 Logo. And status

How would an air conditioning company become a Daikin D1 approved contractor?

There is a procedure for companies to become approved, and it may surprise you to know, is got extremely little to do with how the company operates, the training that the engineers receive, or even the overall skill sets which make any air conditioning installation a success. It actually all boils down to one thing, how much per year that company spends with Daikin? That’s right, even if the company you want to choose offers the highest standard, and offers the most comprehensive maintenance package, all installations to exacting standards but for some reason do not quite spend a set amount with them each year they won’t make that company a D1 partner which would enable you to receive all of those fantastic benefits! Hang on a minute everybody gets those. The D1 program, as well as other company affiliated offers are simply a ploy to get certain air-conditioning companies to purchase from them and only from them, that’s pretty much where the benefits are for the end-user.

Some say, “if you use an approved installer you’ll get a better warranty package”! This may be true in some cases however; if you use a reputable air-conditioning installer who uses one of the main air conditioning manufacturers then in nearly all cases they will honour a 36 month warranty and sometimes more depending on the site.

If you’re stuck between a rock and hard place trying to decide on which air conditioning contractor to use, whether it’s for air conditioning maintenance, and air conditioning installation or even air conditioning service simply gain all the facts. Find out what’s really offer and what each of the potential “offers” really means to you.

Another factor you may wish to look into when deciding on the right company use, is how close the companies to you. For example, service group 365 has its head office in Milton Keynes but also an office in central London allowing it to provide a superb service air conditioning  London.

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