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Domestic Air Conditioning Installers London

With an Installation Office based in London, Service Group 365 are well equipped for any domestic air conditioning installation.

London is the most popular area for our expert installation team, this is obviously due to the population density but the way the homes and buildings are structured also plays a big part. London is also one of the warmest places in the country and to further add the heat, the stuffiness and humidity is what really gets us down. Having air conditioning installed within your home will not only guarantee you year round comfort that will have so many positive impacts on your quality of life, but it will also make you wonder, how you ever lived without it.

Service Group 365 install air conditioning into houses, flats, apartments and even new builds and conversions. There are no limits to the types of application we can adapt to.

Where do you want Air Conditioning Installed?

  • Bedroom
  • Living areas
  • Home offices
  • Children’s play areas
  • Conservatories
  • Whole house

Whether its just one room or your whole home, Service Group will install an air conditioning solution you fit you and your own personal requirements.

Air Conditioning is Extremely Efficient

In order to get into the domestic markets, air conditioning manufacturers have been forced to spend a lot of resources on the advancement and improvement in energy usage and efficiencies. Thank fully they have done this and extremely well I might add. Having air conditioning installed for the cooling purposes is really just one part of the story. Air Con is now one of the most efficient form of heating! This is one of the reasons the government have made all professional domestic air conditioning installations in London and the UK reduced rate VAT of only 5%. This is on the big push to allow home owners to invest in energy saving and lower carbon technologies.

How Long Does It Take?

From the initial contact with Service Group 365 you can expect to have a full bespoke proposal  to suit your requirements. From proposal to installation can be less than 1 week. The whole installation of the average indoor air conditioning system can be 5 hours, therefore a whole house can be completed and fully operational within a week. Remember, air conditioning is an all year round solution and even though our summers may not seem to last that long, those cold winter certainly do, so having air conditioning installed will make life more comfortable all year round, Guaranteed.

All Home and Domestic air conditioning installations from Service Group 365 come with a 12 month peace of mind guarantee. All parts, labour and even maintenance can be covered.

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