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Domestic Air Conditioning Installers Milton Keynes

Service Group 365 are proud to offer you a complete domestic home air conditioning installation package in Milton Keynes.

Getting your home air conditioned is not only a great investment and a luxury asset but its also counts as a step forward in lowering your carbon foot print in many ways too. Air Conditioning your home is the most efficient way of providing heating throughout the winter, as well as year round comfort.

Whether you are thinking of having your whole home air conditioned or just a single room, Service Group 365 are always happy to help.

One of the reasons not all air conditioning companies install to the domestic market is simply due to the level of cleanliness and attention to detail that is required. Service Group 365 are one of those very select few who will carry out full installations and who also have the added benefit of having a Milton Keynes based head office.

Why now is a good time to have it installed?

Due to the very high efficiency of air conditioning systems the government have allowed a reduced rate of VAT to only 5% for all domestic customers. This means for that as long as the right efficient equipment is installed you can expect to pay less to have your home air conditioned now than it would have been 7 years ago. Like anything this good! It wont last. Act Now and Request a Site Survey

The most common rooms we install air conditioning in are:

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Living rooms
  3. Home offices
  4. Conservatories
  5. Loft conversions
  6. Extensions

Benefits of having air conditioning installed in your home

  • Year round comfort
  • Complete room control
  • Only heat / cool the rooms you use
  • Security – You can keep cool and have all windows and doors closed
  • Always to the right temperature

A typical air conditioning system for 1 room will only take 5 hours to fully professionally install.

Call our Milton Keynes Base Head Office on 01908 303775 and arrange your survey

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