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Domestic air conditioning Tips on maintenance

Domestic air conditioning devices have attained huge popularity among users for past many years now. The reason is obvious. These devices allow users to enjoy a cool, comfortable temperature inside the facility regardless of the weather condition outside. The rate of installation of these devices has also increased to a significant amount in the past few years. However, installation of a high quality domestic air conditioning unit is not the final solution. People usually forget that they may require facing a lot of problems with the unit even after proper installation. There are times when the unit will stop working and give out foul odor. You may also be disturbed by sharp noises coming out of the device. What is the reason behind these problems? The answer is simple. Lack of maintenance and service on a regular basis tend to make the device ineffective and have negative impact on its performance. Hence it is extremely necessary to focus on regular maintenance and servicing of domestic air conditioning devices.

Here are some tips to follow while focusing on the maintenance of domestic air conditioning unit:

  • Turn off the power: This is the first and the most important step you require following in this regard. Turn off the power to heat pump. Now turn the switch on outdoor unit to off. Remember that personal safety should always be a priority when working with electric devices.
  • Outdoor unit maintenance: When working on the outdoor unit, you need to check for any weeds that are growing around heat pump. You need to remove these weeds. Also remove any other obstructions hindering air flow of outdoor unit.
  • Heat exchanging coil: Now it is time to analyze the outdoor unit back. This is exactly where the vital heat exchanging coil is located. Focus on gently removing any obstructions or particles such as pet hair, leaves etc. These items may reduce the airflow.
  • Clean the coil: In case, you find that the coil is dirty, you require use brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to clean it properly. Simply run the vacuum brush down the heat exchanger coils. You need to this in the same direction that the fins run. This helps in removing dirt and improving flow of air. The efficiency of heat pump is also enhanced with the cleaning procedure.
  • Clean the case: Finally, you need to wipe down the case. Make sure that you remove dirt from the panels. The electrical isolating switch should be left in the ‘OFF’ position until the task of cleaning the unit is accomplished.

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